Staff training lies at the heart to deliver confidence to these consumers through a strong and successful training strategy of any organisation.

Training and CPD’s (Continuing Professional Development) workshops present a prime opportunity to consolidate and standardise procedures with consolidation and expanded knowledge base of all employees to optimise productivity and maintain the high and consistent quality of products and services.

The return on investment from training and development of employees is well established and it also enhances company reputation and profile for clients and employees.

There is a new generation of contemporary consumers with attitudes, behaviours, preferences and spending habits that differ significantly from their predecessors. Now is the age of the Millennials. This new generation of contemporary consumers seek more assurances from brands they interact with about the authenticity and integrity of the products. Not only do they expect a high-quality product but a brand that is concious and respects their values and religious beliefs. We believe at CEHCT we are able to achieve all these goals with our partnership and commitment to business continuity and improvement.

  1. Certificate Course
  • Halal Compliance Course

           2. Short & CPD’s Course (Continuing Professional Development) 1 to 2 days

  • Halal Auditing and HACCP Master Class
  • Principles of stunning, animal welfare, slaughter and further processing

          3. Food Hygiene & Safety Courses

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Delivered in partnership with University of Bristol Training Centre