Short & CPD’s Course (Continuing Professional Development) 1 to 2 days

  • Halal Auditing and HACCP Master Class

Halal Masterclass is a one-day crash course programme designed specifically for senior management and business leaders to suit their busy lifestyles. This info packed class will expose learners with the fundamentals in the global halal industry that is worth close to the USD three trillion dollars per annum economy and what is required in todays’ ever-changing demand in the field of a global halal industry. From basics to operationally ready, it is crucial to understand the global demand and supply, legal framework and other factors affecting it.

  • Principles of stunning, animal welfare, slaughter and further processing

Large numbers of sheep, poultry, pigs and cattle are slaughtered in the UK, and other countries. Some of these are killed for the Muslim community. This course will describe the methods used for stunning and slaughtering animals, the rationale for each method, and identify where animal welfare can be compromised. The consequences for carcass and meat quality will also be described, focussing on abnormal meat quality issues that can impact the value of the carcass. Methods deemed acceptable for religious purposes will be discussed. The course aims to ensure that delegates have a knowledge and understanding of all these issues.