Conformity assessment determines if a product complies with relevant standards and technical regulations. It includes testing, physical inspections, and factory audits. The conformity of goods is established via the issuing of a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), which is a required document for customs clearance.

The ECAS (ECAS) system is the UAE’s conformity certification system. Before legally exporting to the UAE, vendors must register their products and get a Conformity Certificate. ECAS certification certifies that the products are fully marketable and authorised by the UAE Federal Government. CAS is one of the documents required at UAE ports of entry for the clearance of registered goods.



  • Ascertaining if your product satisfies the criteria for conformity certification.
  • Conducting testing, physical inspections, and factory audits in order to identify gaps and provide appropriate recommendations
  • Recommending the appropriate certification body if necessary
  • Advising & validating documents and information required for certification (ECAS)
  • Creating & submitting your certification application(ECAS)
  • Certificate maintenance and renewals on a yearly basis (ECAS)