PSI is an essential tool for the management of the supply chain, which allows customers to verify the quality, quantity, and conformity of the products. We give you an independent third-party check that the quality, specification, legal requirements have been met. We are a UK business with pre-shipping inspection services across the UK and throughout the GCC.



  • Monitoring the quality and consistency of products
  • Verifying the amount and packaging of goods
  • Verifying all paperwork, including test results, lab proof, and item lists
  • Verifying compliance with the buyer’s or destination region’s/requirements country’s and specifications
  • Ascertaining the registration of the product at the target location/port
  • Confirming that the information on the label complies with applicable local regulations.
  • Ascertaining the permissibility of the component.
  • Verifying additional product requirements such as Halal certification and the Emirates Quality Mark.


Additionally,  We may

    • Provide information on the taxes applicable to the sale of the goods in the destination market.
    • Ascertain if any extra taxes will apply to your transaction.
    • Maintain regular communication with consumers about changes to the laws and regulations.