We also run following training courses by qualified trainer and awarding Body is Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), UK:

These various qualifications will enable operators, junior and senior management  to have good knowledge and understanding of the importance of food hygiene, associated food hazards, good hygiene practice, food allergens need to be controlled and strategies for control, such as keeping and making available information about allergen ingredients, reducing cross contamination, improving communication, providing advice to consumers and controls based upon an awareness of food safety management systems, hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)-based food safety management procedures, the management and implementation of HACCP-based procedures, development of the procedures and the evaluation of the procedures.

Level 1  Award in Food Hygiene Awareness

Level 2  Award in Food Safety for Retail

Level 2  Award in Food Safety and Hygiene

Level 2 Award in Identifying and Controlling Food Allergy Risks

Level 2  Award in HACCP for food Manufacturing

Level 2  Foundation Award in Food Hygiene

Level 3  Award in Food Safety supervising in Catering /Retail

Level 3  Award in Supervising Food Safety and Hygiene (Catering /Retail)

Level 3  Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

Level 3  Award in Food Safety for Food Manufacturing

Level 4 Award in HACCP Management for Food Manufacturing