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Globally, the Halal industry is valued at more than $3.5 trillion and continues to grow, driven by contemporary conscious consumers.

These accredited courses and CPD workshops prepare management and operational staff to fulfil requirement for Halal certification, audit and accreditation standard based on an HACCP and quality management system’s approach.

We enhance the concept and understanding of the importance of Halal and Tayyab’s (humane, healthy and hygienic) concept for all consumable products aimed at all consumers.

Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training (CEHCT) has responsibility of Meeting Halal Standards for certification bodies as well as providing then with accredited learning programs and appraising them regularly.

Halal certification is an increasingly important marker that is adding a growing area to the appeal of brands. This is due to an emphasis on their understanding the requirement of their modern customer and growing consumer markets. This is best achieved with staff training and both internal and external audits and inspection which give a high degree of confidence to strive and meet the Halal Certification standards. This has the dual effect of increasing market shares and promoting confidence in the brand for both Halal and Non-Halal consumers.

Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) provide input in the Islamic theology and Islamic research element of Halal standards and training. Animal welfare standards are assessed by Veterinarians Working with CEHCT. This partnership helps us provide the quality assurance of the training and is independent of any certification body so as to avoid any conflict of interest and to protect integrity of all parties.

CEHCT main office is based at the MIHE campus in Markfield, Leicestershire. Training is imparted on the campus and we have welcomed clients from all over the world.

The certificate of competence is approved by the Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training and It’s FDQ certified course, delivered in partnership with University of Bristol Training Centre. It will carry the quality assurance mark of CEHCT, the Halal certification body (HCB) and of MIHE.

Our clients need to ensure high quality and productivity while earning the confidence of their customers and providing confidence in the brand.

We value their commitment to their consumers and seek to work in partnership to promote brand loyalty through training.

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